There are various domains offered by Cisco which are important in their own means. Routing & Switching, Security, Data Center, Collaboration and Wireless are a few tracks in the syllabus of GIT IT Academy. All of these have their own usability and implementation in the networking industry. While taking up a course, it would depend upon the interests of a candidate.

Online lectures, e-books, online rack access facility, free video tutorials and a lot more makes the online modules an attractive package for the students in India and abroad. The structure of the course and the experience of instructors and trainers make the process of learning a lot more interactive and knowledge giving which helps in the skill development of trainees.

URIAH IT Academy, being authorized learning partners of CISCO, Red Hat & EC-Council, provides a rich range of courses designed in order to improve the learning and skills from the level of scratch in the domain of Networking. The study materials, individual counselling and one-on-one training ensure the perfection of the trainees. There is additional assistance provided to students who are interested in spending more no. of hours of practice.

A candidate should possess basic operating skills apart from certifications completed in networking. At URIAH, there are various courses such as A+, N+, S+ which can be enrolled by a candidate with no experience in networking. Further, job oriented courses such as CCIE is present which ensures 100% job role for the candidates from Big MNCs & IT Giants.

The structure and the content of the Bootcamp programs have been designed to offer an advanced level of expertise in a very short span of time for all courses. These programs are designed with working professionals in mind. The time taken in completion varies for different courses taken. The students get benefitted from the recorded videos, online tutorials and our 15+ years of experience with students helps in effective learning of students at URIAH.

URIAH IT Academy has 15+ years of experience in training its students. URIAH IT is an authorized learning partner of Cisco, RedHat & EC-Council. Experienced trainers, modern lab facilities, quality infrastructure, 100% placement assistance along with PDP sessions, online lab and software facilities make URIAH IT unique in the networking industry. Affordable Paying Guest is available in the nearby areas for the students reaching out from different cities and far areas.

There is no compulsion of going through certification for a job interview. It is important to attend the classes regularly and practice the materials and lab hours in order to be successful at interview. Also, PDP lessons at URIAH targets the weak areas of a student and helps in their improvement. A student following the path started by the institute is 100% sure to succeed.

A lot of batches are running online for the job going people and for regular students enrolled in other curriculums. There are various fast track programs available on weekends which ensures learning and skill development among the seekers. A student receives all the facilities such as rack access, Cisco’s workbook/lab manual access and subject experts online.

No restriction has been imposed on the uses of racks and available devices. Even the facilities are open for students 24×7. Trainers are dedicated to the training of students in a lab facility.The institute is authorized learning partner with Cisco, RedHat and EC-Council are motivated to provide world-class learning and up to date syllabus to students.

Generally, a student learning and training at URIAH clears the certifications in their first attempt. This has been achieved because of experienced trainers, latest facilities and hard work of students. But for the procedural purpose, a student is required to the fee for the certification providing body and reappear for the certification. At URIAH, a student will get free counselling from trainers along with a brush-up upon the key topics in the syllabus designed which improves skills and ensures student’s success.

The classes are taught throughout the world, primarily in India, New locations are being added based on customer demand. Our primary training facility is in Bangalore, India

There is a provision to extend the visa except for the tourist visa for a maximum of one month while in India but the discretion is of the Indian Government

Halal food is available in Bangalore and across other cities

The Center Manager in all locations will provide you with a suitable place for Namaz

If you are not able to join the course for any reason and inform us 30 days prior, there is no penalty and the deposit will be refunded to you after deducting the processing fees. For more detailed information please contact the sales team.

For all courses, we do offer online training. Please contact our sales team to know if your course is a part of the list.