Top 10 Software Courses in India
1 May 2018

Top 10 Software Courses in India

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If you are a fresher or software professional, you have a lot of opportunities while you all know that you belong to the IT domain. You have the opportunity to enhance your career in the field of IT only after you know that you are the pioneer in that field.

You all know that in India most of the IT recruitments are done by top MNCs. With the rapid advancement of technology developed in the IT field especially in the software field, these companies are largely hiring the software testers and developers who have the particular skills.

10 Trending software courses in India

Whether you are an engineer or a diploma holder, we are explicitly listing down the top 10 software tech trends that are high in demand this year. Below is the list of some software tech trends that will help you in choosing the right career option.

JAVA Framework

To become a pioneer in the field of JAVA, you have the bachelors and master degree in engineering or in computers domain. JAVA is the technology which is used in the esteemed enterprises across all sectors including telecom, banking, financial services, and aviation, retail & consumer products. Hence, you have a lot of opportunities in the field of JAVA.


If you are from IT domain or you are a Non-IT student, CISCO certification is perfect for you in order to get an entry-level job. Apart from that, you can do certified courses where you can be a technician or specialists. There are fives levels of CISCO certification such as entry, associate, expert, professional and architect.


It is the part of the business intelligence domain, which is widely used in cases like forecasting, business planning, and the decision support. Statistical Analytical System training will make you the pro as SAS Architect, consultant, programmer, analyst, etc.

DBA (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle)

In the ever competitive environment, DBA is the most stable career option as it includes various kinds of aspects like Oracle, MySQL, SQL server, etc.) Oracle, IBM certifications will be in the top hence opens different opportunities.

Web Programming

This course comprises of different kinds of programming languages like Ruby, Python, PHP, etc. which is desperately used for development, designing, production and assessment of the strategies and web apps etc. You can work as a web developer while completing this course.

UX and UI Development Frameworks

As a front-end developer, you need to be the pioneer in different UI development frameworks such as Bootstrap, HTML, Angular, CSS and JavaScript, etc. Are you aspiring to become a successful mobile app, web apps and website developer? Then this course is just the perfect for you.

Project Management

Project Management is the career that is related to every sector is you are working in software or in another field of work. With the course of project management, you can gain the expertise like a plan, start, control, and monitor and wrap up the different project successfully.

Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft has numerous technology offerings such s Microsoft Azure Cloud Technology, .NET, MCSE, MCAD, MCSD, MCDST, MCDBA, MCAS, etc. Hence, you have the option of choosing the respective course you want.

Software Quality Training (SQT)

Without the software testing, the software developing team is incomplete. It is one of the most under-recognized areas of a project. Every big company has a software testing team without that it is incomplete. You can opt for SQT certification in order to pursue a career of the software tester.


While pursuing a certification in DevOps, you will be able to apply for the designations like Development managers, Deployment engineers, Software developers, Architects, IT professionals, Operational support, etc. The expertise that you can gather is data gathering, designing software mainly in the aspect of JAVA, Linux or UNIX.

Software Training Courses in Bangalore

If you are keen to add a wing to your software developer career, Uriah Training is the best option for you. We are one of the reputed Software training providers in HSR layout. With us, you can find the latest IT courses starting from hardware, software, soft skills and many more.


With too many software career-oriented courses options available in the IT field, it depends on you which skill you will choose to suit your requirement. The jobs and the courses which have mentioned earlier are having a great scope in future that will help you in earning a great pay scale too. However, the IT sector is expanding its wings and is offering high job prospective to the aspiring individuals.

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