A certified Big Data and Hadoop Certification Can Heighten Your Career
14 May 2018

A certified Big Data and Hadoop Certification Can Heighten Your Career

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Big Data Hadoop Training in Bangalore

It is no longer a question for enterprises while implementing the strategies of Big Data anymore. Well, it is becoming mandatory for organizations irrespective of all verticals like retail, pharmaceuticals, energy, media, etc. while harnessing the technologies of Big Data. For that, certified professionals of Big Data Hadoop Training in Bangalore are essential.

Why Hadoop and Big Data Certification?

Companies are trying to recruit developers who have Hadoop Certification as well as the pioneer in handling the petabytes of various aspects of Big Data too. You can get this certification either through online training or through attending classroom training.

Benefits of Big Data & Hadoop Certification

  • You will get a positive advantage while searching job because recruiters will definitely prefer a certified professional over those who do not have any certification.
  • Hadoop Certification will help in accelerating the career growth of professionals in the IJP.
  • You can get a hands-on experience with the issues in Big Data.
  • The certification will act as a proof that you are aware of the features of Big Data and Hadoop.
  • If you are working on other technology, then you can easily switch to Hadoop and Big Data easily.
  • Get a chance to have a good pay package due to the certification in the industry.
  • The Hadoop Certification will help you to work independently and gaining more confidence in the technology.
  • You can get the power to fix the problems as well as work faster along with quality in a project which will help to gain recognition in your company.

Hadoop Market is at the top

Nowadays organizations are trying to implement the ecosystem of Hadoop and Big Data. Hence, the demand for the Big Data and Hadoop are always on the top. We will be presenting a graph which will clearly portray the growth of Hadoop market.

Worldwide Hadoop Adoption

  • Seattle 3.9%
  • Los Angeles 2.7%
  • Bay Area 22.9%
  • New York 4.6%
  • K 3.4%
  • India 13.6%
  • China 4.8%

Need for Hadoop and Big Data Certification

  • Newer technology and very few skilled professionals
  • Increase switch in careers to the technology of Hadoop
  • The demand for Hadoop professionals after Hadoop 2.0
  • Increased demand in different sectors

Ways of getting Hadoop and Big Data Certification

  • You can get the certification course either attending classroom training or through opting any online courses.
  • However, the most important part is that you can avail the maximum benefits from the certification.
  • Always make sure that the course must contain the latest technologies about Apache Hadoop.
  • At the end of the certification, you must have the ability to handle all the problems related to these technologies.

Wrapping Up

Are you searching for Big Data Hadoop Training in Bangalore? Uriah Training is the right option for you. At Uriah, we have covered all the latest topics of Big Data and Hadoop which are trending in the market. Apart from that, you will have the opportunity to gain live experiences which will improve your knowledge and problem-solving skills.

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