Be a pioneer while using the top vendors of Cloud Computing
14 May 2018

Be a pioneer while using the top vendors of Cloud Computing

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Almost every business is using cloud services whether knowingly or unknowingly. If you are editing documents, or playing games or sending an email online, then you are using cloud computing. You can use cloud computing in many aspects such as:

  • Storing data, recovering data and finally back up
  • Hosting blogs and websites
  • Live streaming video and audio
  • Delivering software on demand
  • Creating new mobile apps, web apps and services
  • Analyzing the patterns of data and make predictions

Now you must be thinking of the popular vendors which are sharing the cloud platforms to the companies across the world. Well, they are

  • Microsoft
  • Amazon IBM
  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Google
  • ServiceNow
  • Workday
  • VMware
  • Open Stack

However, using these cloud services you can get many benefits such as

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Speed of business
  • Global Reach
  • Improved Productivity
  • Higher Performance
  • Super reliable

In this article, we will be describing the advantages of using Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Open Stack Cloud computing services.

Microsoft Azure

  • Now you can get your apps faster using Azure integrated tools and open source technologies.
  • A lot of programming languages, operating systems, devices, and databases are supported by Azure.
  • You can use Azure for deployment and building software as it offers identity management, management and security, application development and many more.
  • You are allowed to develop various breakthrough apps while deploying custom models of AI and open source data.

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AWS (Amazon Web Services)

  • Cloud services of Amazon offer a wide array of services to the users such as storage options, computing power, networking and databases and many more.
  • AWS is “a platform for virtually every use case”, “deep features and getting deeper by the day”, “security recognized as stronger than on premises”, deep visibility into compliance and governance”, “hybrid capabilities”.
  • Now coming to the benefits of AWS, they are: Easy to use, flexible, cost-effective, reliable, secure, scalable, and high performance.

Now, you can become a pioneer in utilizing Amazon Web Services, and then you must join for a specialized program in order to learn all the detailed use of the technology. Become a certified expert in AWS with Uriah.

Open Stack

  • Being a multinational giant or a small company, everybody is using Open Stack cloud services as there are relatively low costs including in it.
  • The practical and transparent nature of OpenStack is very agile and reliable to solve different operational complexities.
  • You can get a varied level of customization of the apps you are developing using Open Source Cloud.

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